Open Day 2019

Saturday 31st August 2019 10am – 5pm

We’re celebrating 10 years of living in the woods by having an open day.

Food and drink will be available, made using great locally produced ingredients, cooked over Devon’s finest charcoal.  Sweet treats, alcoholic and soft drinks will  also be available.

The day will feature some of the amazing people who have been part of making Bulworthy Project what it is today.

This will include:

Medieval shenanigans with Bowlore.  Two members of Bowlore came on a bow making course at the time of our first ever café evening.  Since then, they’ve been back to demonstrate and display their medieval weaponry and fighting skills at more café evenings. They put on a fantastic show which is informative and interactive as well as entertaining.
Bowlore in full medieval dress fighting with medieval weapons

A chainsaw carving exhibition and demonstration by Dan Cordell.  Dan carved the green man face for the front of our cabin.  He’s an immensely skilled carver and has been all over the world competing in chainsaw carving competitions.
Chainsaw carving by Daniel Cordell

A bow making demonstration by Matthew Yung who teaches bow making at Bulworthy Project.  His easy going nature and enthusiasm for the subject make him the perfect person to teach this ancient craft.

A pole lathe demonstration by Nick Dawe who came on one of our charcoal courses and has since been a regular at our café evenings, both as a demonstrator and a customer.

Blackdown Hills Hedge Association who we learned to lay hedges with when we first moved into the woods.  We’ve been demonstrating charcoal making at their Skills of the Hills hedge event for a number of years, so it’s great to be hosting them at ours.

North Devon Permaculture who are an integral part of our barbecue café evenings and run an off-grid project and social enterprise of their own, which they’ll be  showcasing.
North Devon Permaculture Logo

Hattie Buckwell who has been involved with film making at Bulworthy Project, will be exhibiting her exquisite artwork.  She is based in Bristol where she is part of the BLAZE art cooperative.

James Dyson who we first met when trying to learn how to make charcoal when we had just bought our woods and were still living in Bristol, will be demonstrating his skills at basket making.

Courage Copse will be showcasing what they do.  They are another North Devon woodland project who make charcoal and they’ve done some fantastic work in woodland based education and interpretation.
Courage Copse Creatives Logo

Our friends at Elder Farm will have a stall.  As well as running a herb farm and herbalist business, they have been known to find the time to entertain folk at our events with a bit of juggling and poi.
Elder Farm Herb Farm

Paul South who we met at a charcoal demonstration at Skills of the Hills hedge event years ago will be whittling and carving wood into beautiful (and sometimes useful) objects.

Admission is free, but parking is limited, so please car share where possible and if you have a big car and a small car, we’d be really grateful if you could come in the small car.

Sorry, but due to ground nesting dogs birds and other environmental considerations, no dogs are permitted at our events.