Land Management Services

We have 18 years experience of managing woodland and species-rich grassland for wildlife. We’re often shocked when we see the damage done by some land management and forestry operations. Partly it is due to heavy equipment and partly it’s due to the undervaluing of habitats. A lot of forestry companies only care about the trees and ignore the rest of the woodland ecosystem.

We offer land management services designed to maximise biodiversity and abundance as well as providing valuable woodland produce and creating beautiful places.

These include:

Woodland Management Plans: We write a woodland management plans, taking into account the attributes of the woodland in question and the requirements and desires of the owner. The plans identify practical actions which can be taken to increase its natural capital and productivity. If the woodland is over three hectares and is eligible, we can organise a grant to pay for this, so there’s no charge for the woodland owner.

Practical Woodland Management: We use light equipment and we care about the impact on the woodland. By extracting wood and timber using a specially adapted quad, we not only do less damage, but we can go between trees and get to places that bigger equipment can’t get to. This means that we can manage the whole woods with far less environmental impact. We always use bio chain oil, because spraying mineral oil across woodland is an environmental disaster. We use electric chainsaws where practical. Where we use petrol saws we use an alkylate fuel, which is less damaging to the woodland ecosystem.

Other Land Management: We offer other environmental land management services, such as agricultural tree work, creating leaky dams and flailing soft rush. All of the services we carry out are done with the highest care for the environment.

If you’d like to talk to us about our woodland management services, phone us on 07594569441 or email hello@bulworthy-uk

If you’d like to see our environmental policy in relation to our land management activities, there’s a copy at