Cabin Environmental Policy

Bulworthy Project holds gold awards from Green Tourism and from Devon Wildlife Trust as part of their approval scheme.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Bulworthy Project’s ethos. We have tried to do what we can to make the cabin the most sustainable option in holiday accommodation and we will continue to strive to do more to protect this beautiful planet.

The electricity for the cabin is 100% renewable (solar power)

All lighting is provided by LEDs which use less electricity and last for longer, therefore producing less waste.

We manage our woodland as a private nature reserve. We have done this under guidance from (amongst others) Devon Wildlife Trust from whom we hold a gold award for “working to benefit Devon’s wildlife and natural environment”. They have described the result of our management as “a mosaic of habitats”. The land is woodland planted on species rich grassland. We have been balancing sustainable woodland management with grassland restoration to maximise the habitat value of the woodland.

We create charcoal from wood that is the result of our habitat management. Not only does this product have a positive affect on the environment, it also replaces imported charcoal which has a malign affect on the environment. The cabin guests have a free bag of this charcoal waiting for them in the cabin to allow them to barbecue sustainably whilst they are here. Hopefully this will encourage the use of locally produced charcoal in the future.

The construction of the cabin was carried out with the environment in mind. Some of the wood used is the result of our own sustainable forestry activities, such as the oak frame at the front of the building. Other materials are reclaimed, such as the roofing slates and the parquet flooring. Where we had to buy new timber, we sourced it as locally as possible, such as the wooden cladding which comes from a few miles away on Exmoor. By using pile foundations, we used the minimum amount of concrete that our Building Control Officer would allow.

The cabin is fully insulated, meaning that you can be lovely and warm inside in the comfort that you are not warming the planet.

We recycle cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and food waste

Electricity for the cabin is provided by 540w of solar panels on the roof. This powers the coolbox, the lighting and phone charging points.

We only use ecological cleaning products for the cabin.

Water and space in the cabin is heated by an efficient wood-burning boiler using wood that we have harvested ourselves as part of our sustainable land management.

We do not use weedkiller, fungicide, pesticide or any other agricultural/horticultural chemicals.

We try to combine all of our business and personal car journeys into one weekly journey to save car miles.

For every night that someone stays in our cabin, we’ll plant a tree. This helps us to increase the biodiversity of our woods. The trees that we plant will either be native trees or fruit trees. Native British trees have symbiotic relationships with more insects, fungi and other wildlife than non-native trees. Fruit trees provide pollen for insects and fruit for birds.

Bulworthy Project, Off-grid cabin. Photo: Andrew Hobbs Photography

Tips for Making Your Stay More Environmentally Friendly

Leave The Car – Give the car a rest. Try walking or cycling and take some time to enjoy the woods in which the cabin is set.

Switch Off Lights – Even though all the lighting is 100% renewable, please switch them off when you’re not using them as this extends their life and the life of the batteries that power the cabin.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Try to recycle any waste or packaging by using the recycling box located behind the cabin and the food waste container by the bin.

Be Water Wise – Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, only fill the kettle as much as you need etc.

Respect Nature – Please respect the woodlands and the countryside. The woodland is home to many birds and animals. Please try not to disturb their habitats.

Local Produce – Devon produces some of the finest ingredients available. Many local ingredients appear on the eateries featured in the cabin booklet, but you also have the option to barbecue local ingredients over our own sustainably produced charcoal, a bag of which is provided free in the cabin.

Support Green Tourism Business Scheme – There are hundreds of businesses trying to reduce their environmental impacts through the Green Tourism Scheme. Businesses are awarded bronze, silver and gold for their efforts to be more environmentally responsible. See for more information.

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