We started making restaurant quality barbecue charcoal in 2009 when we moved into our woodland. All of the wood that we use is the product of sustainable forestry and land management within a few miles of our woods if not from the woods themselves. Quality is important to us, so we don’t cut corners, only use hardwood and grade it using a 25mm mesh to ensure that the dust and fines have been reduced, leaving good sized lumps of fantastic charcoal. As a result our charcoal is loved by people who appreciate the difference that high quality charcoal makes when barbecuing and smoking food.

Devon's finest charcoal, sustainable, locally produced, british

We have a limited amount of barbecue charcoal and we only sell it locally. If you are in Mid or North Devon, take a look at our outlets list to see where we sell it.

If you’re not in our locality, take a look at the list of charcoal makers in Britain on to find a charcoal maker near you.